Derivation of New Embryonic Stem Cell Lines


Our GEM Center will prepare new mouse ES cell lines from mice, including mutant strains, provided by investigators. Our staff has extensive experience deriving lines from standard but also very challenging strains and we were the first to report the derivation of ESCs from the non-permissive nonobese diabetic (NOD) background (Hanna et al, 2009*).


The ideal age for of in-house blastocyst donors for superovulation response is 28 +/- 2 days.


The ESC derivation is charged per one round with plugged females provided by the investigator lab. Non-permissive or other challenging strains may be subject to additional charges.



* Hanna J, Markoulaki S, Mitalipova M, Cheng A, Cassady J, Staerk J, Carey B, Lengner C, Foreman R, Love J, Gao Q, Kim J-P & Rudolf Jaenisch 2009 Cell Stem Cell







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ESC Derivation