Eight Cell Injection


In conventional methods for the generation of genetically modified mice through the production of chimeras, gene-targeted embryonic stem (ES) cells are injected into blastocyst-stage embryos, which are then transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother. F0 generation mice born from the embryos are chimeras composed of genetic contributions from both the modified ES cells and the recipient embryos. Obtaining a mouse strain that carries the gene-targeted mutation requires breeding the chimeras to transmit the ES cell genetic component through the germ line to the next (F1) generation (germ line transmission, GLT). In an alternative method the contribution of ESCs to the resulting mouse is augmented when the injection is carried out at the 8 cell stage (E2.5). This method is advantageous when working with inherently difficult ESC lines such as C57Bl/6. The host embryo is albino, of CD1 background.

Blastocyst injections include injection of 45-50 blastocysts. A single clone will be injected in a day. It may be possible to inject more embryos – if available – for an increased fee.






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Injection of ESCs or iPSCs – Charge per Injection Day

Into 8-cell Stage Embryos




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$2 cage/day

Additional Injections After Deliverables Reached




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