Whitehead Institute’s Genetically Modified Models (GEM) Center was launched in 2014 to provide cutting edge methods for the generation of genetically modified mice to all WI investigators. The facility, overseen by Whitehead Founding Member and MIT Professor Rudolf Jaenisch and run by Styliani (Stella) Markoulaki, who was trained as a post doc in the Jaenisch laboratory, initially offered CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis by injection into fertilized embryos. Now, the center is accessible to investigators outside the Institute and a full list of transgenic and ESC services are offered. GEM is licensed to provide CRISPR services to academic and non-profit organizations.

Our facility has been successful in generating even the most difficult types of mutations by CRISPR/Cas9 i.e., conditional knock out and large fragment insertions. Our success is attributed to the long history of the lab specializing in all aspects of embryo and genome manipulations. By closely collaborating with the investigator lab, we strive to successfully generate every single mouse model that will assist investigators to complete their research goals in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

Our Mission: No Mouse Left Behind!